crew overboard

Run time: 35 seconds

March 14, 2009

Round-ups were not uncommon in Saturday’s buoy racing at this year’s Big Daddy, but at least one resulted in a crew in the water. A gust hit during the first jibe of the afternoon, the trimmer didn’t release enough spinnaker sheet, the mainsheet snarled itself on its own hardware, and the boom vang was already loose. Round up - and splash - the guy trimmer was in the water! She grabbed the mainsheet on her way down, which may have broken her fall long enough for her to grab a lifeline. The lifelines kept her technically onboard, though under water, until the helmsman pulled her up. Strangely, the crew forward of the driver, focused on recovering from the round-up, didn’t even realize what had happened until their friend was out of harm’s way. Even on a keelboat, extra clothes come in handy. Not to mention lifelines. There’s sound on this video - note the absence of yelling.

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