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IODs Youngster (foreground) and Fjaer. ©2013
Hüsker Dü

February 18, 2013

Do you remember the good things in life? Saturday's Rob Moore Memorial Regatta at the Corinthian Yacht Club was about remembering how currents work and how to make your boat go fast in zero to ten knots of breeze. With the normal wind direction at the Gate flipped and coming from the northeast, the race committee started the boats at Knox downwind to either Blackaller or Ft. Mason buoy depending on the speed of your division.

Smart Recruiters
The Extreme 40 Smart Recruiters won the small but gifted multihull division. ©2013

After a nice romp around Blackaller, the multihulls and big boats headed for Blossom Rock as their leeward mark, and it was there that they found a wind hole and got stalled out while being pushed to the South Bay on a building flood. The smaller boats had the Ft. Mason buoy as their leeward mark, and although the breeze was light, they were able to get around cleanly and head back across the Slot toward Tiburon.

Golden Moon
The Express 37 Golden Moon on the beat back. ©2013

Because of the length of the courses, all the boats converged in the Angel Island Triangle, where the currents and fluky winds played with the crews minds and tempers as they made slow progress back to the club. And let's not forget the always entertaining Elephant Rock offset mark in the bowels of Raccoon Strait with its weird currents and shifty wind. If it wasn't for a narrow band of katabatic wind miraculously wafting off of Angel Island all hope might have been lost.

Alpha Puppy
Alex Farrell's 1D35 Alpha Puppy hits light air in the Triangle. ©2013

"It's a crapshoot," said Ian Matthew of the C&C 29 Siento el Viento. "You had to be in the right place at the right time. But that's Corinthian. That's why we keep coming."

Scoots, Charles Shupack's Alerion 38. ©2013

Sunday got brighter sunshine and a little more wind, now coming from the south, allowing the RC to set off traditional upwind starts to Blackaller for the windward mark. This time the big fast boats had a twice around course using Harding Rock as the leeward mark, then back to the traditional finish area at the club. The smaller boats got a shorter, one-lap course.

Sunday start
Sunday's brisk wind came from the opposite direction. ©2013

The wind in the Slot was a nice 10-15 knot cold blast from an approaching storm, and although it seemed to be everywhere it couldn't quite make it to Raccoon Strait, and thus set up what should have been a carbon copy of Saturday's approach to the finish. Some boats remembered about Saturday and found all the right shifts and positive current to push them home to a win. Others forgot the lessons from the previous day and got stalled out again. But all should remember that we've got a good thing going on.

Charlie Brochard's Olson 34 Baleineau made it around Blackaller before the tanker Nissos Kythnos, which wisely took the mark to starboard. ©2013

Steve Stroub's Santa Cruz 37 Tiburon. ©2013

For all the results, see

Don Wieneke's J/105 Lulu won their division. ©2013

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